88 Students leaders in poor health

Mar 27, 2008 (DVB), Ko Htun Myint Aung, a leader of the 88 Generation Students group, has said the other group leaders detained in Insein prison are in poor health.

Htun Myint Aung said that Ko Mya Aye and Ko Marki in particular were suffering health problems.

"Ko Marki, who has been in solitary confinement in Insein prison, is not in very good health," he said.

"Ko Mya Aye is now suffering from lung-related problems and is coughing a lot as he and other 88 generation leaders have been suspended from taking a walk inside the prison."

Htun Myint Aung said the leaders had not been allowed to take exercise as a punishment for making contact with people outside the prison.

Reporting by Aye Nai

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