Burmese authorities target citizen journalists

Oct 3, 2007 (DVB), Government authorities are initiating a media campaign targeting citizen journalists who took footage of government brutality during the recent protests in Rangoon and distributed it to foreign media, according to journalists and reporters in Burma's former capital.

The government has called upon state-run media agencies and government supporters to publish photographs of citizen journalists and take action against them.

Reporters said that the government’s campaign against citizen journalists is being carried out by photographers and cameramen from the News and Press department of the Ministry of Information and reporters from the state-run Myanmar News Agency, in cooperation with the army, government guards and Swan Arr Shin members.

The MNA, whose office is located in front of the Interior Minister's Office on Theinphyu road, is also working with the Special Information Unit of the Burmese police, according to a veteran journalist in Rangoon.

Reporting by Nay Htoo

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