Red and black items confiscated from inmates

Jul 9, 2008 (DVB), Family members of political prisoners in Insein prison said prison authorities have been searching the detainees' cells for red and black items and returning them to their families.

A relative of one inmate said that the authorities had confiscated clothing seen as having political symbolism.

"In particular they have been taking away black Kachin and Yaw longyis wore by the detained student leaders," he said.

"The prison officials handed those things back to us and we had to sign an acknowledgement of receiving the items."

"Some said they were even seizing black and red underwear."

The mother of 88 generation student leader Ko Ant Bwe Kyaw was also given back a collarless shirt she had brought to her son.

Collarless shirts and dark-coloured Kachin or Yaw longyis are the uniform commonly worn by 88 generation students and other student politicians.

Reporting by Khin Hnin Htet

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