School classes held in temporary shelters

Jul 17, 2008 (DVB), School pupils returning to their studies in the cyclone-affected Pyin district of Hai Gyi, Irrawaddy division, are still waiting for their school buildings to be repaired.

Private donor who is providing assistance in the area said that classes were currently being held in makeshift huts.

"The schools have reopened, but there are no school buildings," the donor said.

"Some have set up huts as temporary schools where the schools used to be, and some have wrapped tarpaulin sheets around the frames of the half-collapsed school to provide shelter for students."

The donor said the pupils had no school uniforms and were still suffering the psychological effects of the cyclone.

"It seemed that they were heavily traumatised by the cyclone , they run out of their school building when there is heavy wind or rain," he said.

Reporting by Naw Say Phaw

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