Security Council issues statement of concern

Sep 27, 2007 (DVB), The United Nations Security Council has issued a statement of concern about the violent response to demonstrations in Rangoon yesterday, according to press reports.

"Members of the council have expressed their concern vis-à-vis the situation, and have urged restraint, especially from the government of Myanmar," the statement said.

The statement also said that the Security Council members welcomed UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's decision to send Special Envoy Ibrahim Gambari to the region and asked that Gambari be granted entry to Burma.

This follows a statement issued by the Secretary-General earlier yesterday, announcing the urgent dispatch of Gambari to region. The Secretary-General called on the Burmese leadership to cooperate with the mission "in order to take advantage of the willingness of the United Nations to assist in the process of national reconciliation through dialogue".

The Secretary-General also reiterated calls on authorities to "exercise utmost restraint towards the peaceful demonstrations taking place, as [the use of force] can only undermine the prospects for peace, prosperity and stability in Myanmar".

Reporting by DVB

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