T-shirt campaign promotes No vote

Mar 26, 2008 (DVB), People in Burma’s cities have started wearing t-shirts bearing the word "NO" as part of a campaign against the government national referendum, according to local sources.

Residents of Rangoon, Mandalay and other big cities told DVB there had been a noticeable number of people wearing NO t-shirts when they go out to express their disagreement with the referendum.

In addition to people wearing NO t-shirts, a Mandalay resident said monks have been writing NO graffiti on their monastery walls to remind civilians to vote No in the constitutional referendum, due to be held in May.

"Monasteries outside and inside Mandalay have the word ‘No’ written on their walls," he said.

The All-Burmese Monks Alliance recently called on the people of Burma to vote No in the referendum, adding their voice to similar calls from the 88 Generation Students group and the National Council of the Union of Burma.

Reporting by Maung Too

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