Stolen childhoods

Stolen childhoods

‘I wanna go to school’ is an emotive and tragically touching short animation about a young Burmese brother and sister whose only dream is to go to school. However, like so many victims in the cycle of poverty in the country, the pair find themselves caught in a web of abuse.

Last week, the three-minute clip won the ‘March 13 Award’ for Best Animation at the Human Rights Human Dignity International Film Festival 2015 in Rangoon.

Cartoonist and creator Nyan Kyal Say has now released his animated film to the public.

“This video is for community and human rights,” he says. “So, you can share it freely as you wish … Thank you so much for watching and sharing this video.”

It’s our pleasure, Nyan Kyal Say. And congratulations on a powerful piece of work.

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