The village of Yemyat is to be relocated after being buried in silt during a recent flood. The village, situated in Singtu Township, Mandalay Division, is downstream of a gold mine, which is where much of the silt is said to have was originated. Some 800 people were affected. Local authorities announced that the village will be relocated out of the danger zone. (PHOTO: DVB)
Irish travel writer Pamela McCourt does the Ice Bucket Challenge in the Rangoon suburb of Dala as part of a fundraiser for Parami Orphanage Home. (PHOTO: DVB)
Much-loved Disney characters Micky and Minnie Mouse posed for photos as part of a promotional event to launch the “Disney Live! Three Classic Fairy Tales” performance which will be held at Myanmar Event Park from 8-12 October. (PHOTO: DVB)

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Photographs from: fighting in Myawaddy between Burmese government forces and Karen rebels; a Mandalay village is buried in silt following flooding; Mickey and Minnie come to town; and a light-hearted…