Arakan flood destroys 170 acres of agricultural land

Arakan flood destroys 170 acres of agricultural land

Continuous heavy rain last week in Arakan State destroyed 170 acres of agricultural land, 550 houses, 5 schools, 5 monasteries and 47 bridges, according to government information.

Both imports and exports from the state have been delayed as roads and bridges were washed away, causing a price hike.

The shopkeepers at the municipal market at Taunggoke in Arakan State were inundated with mud last week fresh flooding from nearby creeks.

Only the few shops would were able to clean themselves up quickly remain open for trading.


Another town in Arakan State, Thandwe, suffered a week-long blackout as rain cause electricity poles to come down.

The monsoon rains have so far caused floods, landslides, destruction of the roads, flooding of the agricultural fields and the destruction of fish and shrimp farms.

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