Child protestors arrested outside US embassy

June 4, 2009 (DVB) , Burmese police have arrested four children and two adults outside the US Embassy in Rangoon who were protesting for the release of a family member detained by Burmese authorities.

The protest happened around 10am this morning after they had met with US embassy officials. They were reportedly holding a banner calling for the release of "our father, husband".

"Two women and four children have been detained for questioning as they staged a small protest in front of the American Embassy," an embassy official told AFP.

Another official said that the protest was for "personal reasons, and not politically motivated."

It is unclear why the protest took place outside the embassy, nor the reasons for the family member's detention.

The Burmese military government has an apparent zero-tolerance policy on protestors, often sentencing them to prison.

Reporting by Francis Wade

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