Chinese military vehicles and equipment enter Burma

Nov 21, 2007 (DVB), Sources on the China-Burma border have claimed that Chinese military equipment and vehicles have been sent into the country over the past month at the Jiang Hkong border crossing.

Jiang Hkong is located in Yunnan province in China, across the border from Muse on the Burmese side.

Local source from the border said that the police chief of Yunnan province had met Khin Ye, a Burmese police chief, in Jiang Hkong on Monday.

The Chinese police chief reportedly handed over equipment for detecting explosives and mines to Khin Ye for use at Naypyidaw airport.

Local residents in Muse said they had seen seven Chinese-made flatbed trucks parked in front of Kaung hotel on the Muse-Mandalay highway overnight in the second week of November.

The following morning the trucks then drove off in the direction of Mandalay.

Reporting by DVB

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