Election results 7

Election results 7

The Union Election Commission has released the seventh round of election results.

At just after 3pm local time, Chairman Tin Aye announced the winners of 58 regional parliament seats.

The NLD won a total of 46 regional seats, seven to USDP,  four to SNLD, and one to Zomi Congress for Democracy.

NLD won in Karenni State: Demoso-1, Demoso-2, Shadaw-1, Shadaw-2.

In Chin State: Tedim-1 – Zomi Congress for Democracy, Tedim-2 – USDP.

In Magwe Division, NLD took the seats of: Magwe-1, Magwe-2, Taungdwingyi-1, Taungdwingyi-2, Myothit-1, Myothit-2, Natmauk-1, Natmauk-2, Minbu-1, Minbu-2, Kanma-1, Kanma-2, Sinbaungwe-1, Sinbaungwe-2, Aunglan-1, Aunglan-2, Seikphyu-1, Seikphyu-2, Saw-1, Saw-2.

Mandalay Division: Patheingyi-1, NLD; Patheingyi-2, NLD.

Rangoon Division: Mingalar Taungnyunt-1, NLD; Mingalar Taungnyunt-2, NLD; Coco Islands-1, USDP; Coco Islands-2, USDP.

In Shan State: Kalaw-1, NLD; Kalaw-2, NLD; Ywangan-1, NLD; Ywangan-2, USDP; Laikha-1, SNLD; Laikha-2, SNLD; Langhko-1, SNLD; Langhko-1, SNLD; Nawnghkio-1, NLD; Nawnghkio-2, NLD; Laogai-1, USDP; Laogai-2, USDP.

In Irrawaddy Division: Kangyidaunt-1, NLD; Kangyidaunt-2, USDP; Thabaung-1, NLD; Thabaung-2, NLD; Kyonpyaw-1, NLD; Kyonpyaw-2, NLD; Yekyi-2, NLD; Myanaung-1, NLD; Myanaung-2, NLD; Kyaiklat-1, NLD; Kyaiklat-2, NLD; Daydaye-1, NLD; Daydaye-2, NLD.

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