Funeral fund's announcements blocked

Feb 4, 2008 (DVB), The Free Funeral Service Society’s announcements in the weekly Ray of Light journal have been banned by the government censor board, a donor to the charity said.

The FFSS regularly publishes announcements in the journal on funding they have received from private donors.

The FFSS donor, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the office of the Ray of Light journal told him that the censor board had banned the publication of any news or media items relating to the charity.

While they did not provide any reasons for the ban, the donor believed the announcements were being blocked for political reasons.

"It is probably because the actor Kyaw Thu, who is a key figure with the FFSS, supported the monks during the September protests as well as providing them with water and food," said the FFSS donor.

Reporting by Naw Say Phaw

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