Witness stabbed at Phyu courthouse

Witness stabbed at Phyu courthouse

A man was stabbed in broad daylight yesterday at a courthouse in Pegu Division’s Phyu Township.

The victim Win Naing, the chairperson of the Asia Motor Vehicle Association in Phyu, was called to the township court to testify as a witness in a fraud case, when an unknown assailant stabbed him as he stood on a balcony waiting for the hearing to commence.

Win Naing was rushed to Phyu Hospital, but later transferred to Rangoon General Hospital as his condition worsened.

A witness at the scene said the assailant, a young man yet to be identified, dashed out of the court’s premises before jumping on a motorbike and driving away. The attacker dropped his knife at the scene as he scuffled with a bystander who tried to wrestle him to the ground, before escaping.


“It happened inside the courthouse’s compound – the assailant ran up to [Win Naing] and stabbed him. He dropped the weapon in a scuffle with a bystander,” said an eyewitness.

“The attacker had his getaway motorbike ready – he jumped on the bike and knocked it over, but managed to get it back up and then drove off, leaving the saddle on the ground. There were a lot of people around – if they had all joined in, the attacker would have been caught.”

Phyu township police say they are currently looking for the assailant.

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