Goenka's ashes scattered on Rangoon River

Goenka's ashes scattered on Rangoon River

Satya Narayan Goenka (30 January 1924—29 September 2013)

The ashes of Satya Narayan Goenka were scattered in the Rangoon River on Tuesday.

Indian-Burmese meditation guru Goenka, 90, passed away at his home in Mumbai on the evening of 29 September.  His body was cremated on 1 October in India but his ashes were brought back to the country of his birth. Goenka was born in 1924 in Mandalay.

Goenka built pagodas, temples and meditation centres in India, Burma and Thailand and devoted his life to the spread of Vipassana meditation.

Accompanied by about 800 followers, he travelled the world every year, including visits to prisons, to teach Vipassana to thousands.



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