Crab exporter arrested for heroin trafficking

Jan 27, 2009 (DVB), A crab exporter from Irrawaddy division’s Bogalay township was arrested yesterday for smuggling heroin aboard a container ship, according to a witness to the arrest.

The witness said Kyaw Kyaw Min was arrested by officer from the Rangoon police crime suppression division.

"Kyaw Kyaw Min, the owner of KTM crab exporting business in town, was arrested by a group of police officers from the Crime Suppression division," the witness said.

"The officers said he was being arrested for smuggling drugs," he explained.

"Apparently, 32 kilos of heroin was found hidden inside container boxes on a ship heading to Rangoon carrying exports."

Authorities in Bogalay were reportedly given no advance notice of the arrest by the Rangoon officers.

Reporting by Naw Say Phaw

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