DVB reporter witnesses survivor dying from lack of help

Breaking News: A DVB journalist witnessed a cyclone victim on the roadside in the delta region on 7 May 2008 who was close to death due to a lack of immediate assistance.

She hasn’t eaten any food, and has only drunk some water given to her by people passing through the area.

She was seen on the roadside between Kawhmu and Kongyangon Township, about 50 miles north-west of Rangoon.

The woman came from a seaside village near Kongyangon and survived the deadly cyclone, but all her family members were believed to be dead.

Her neighbours carried her this far but could not take her all the way to a safe place as they were also weak and sick, according to people around the woman at that time.

It should not be difficult for the government to get help here, just one and half hour's drive from Rangoon.

Yet our journalist has met dozens of cyclone survivors in the delta region from Kongyangon, Dedaye, Pyapon, Ohnbin and Bogale but none of them have received any assistance from the government or from aid agencies.

One man from Kongyangon told him, "We can survive now by sharing food with each other but we won’t be able to hold on for many more days."

This was said on 6 May.

Reporting by Aye Chan Naing

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