Election results 8

Election results 8

The Union Election Commission has released the eighth round of election results.

At approximately 6pm local time, Chairperson Tin Aye announced the results of 33 Upper House seats.

The NLD won a total of 29 seats, with two going to the USDP, one to the Zomi Congress for Democracy, and one to an independent candidate.

In Karenni State: Karenni-3, NLD; Karenni-4, NLD; Karenni-7, NLD; Karenni-8, USDP; Karenni-12, NLD; Karenni-9, independent candidate Soe Thane (President’s Office Minister).

In Chin State: Chin-5, Zomi Congress for Democracy; Chin-6, USDP.

In Tenasserim Division: Tenasserim-2, NLD; Tenasserim-3, NLD.

The NLD swept Pegu Division, winning: Pegu-5, Pegu-6, Pegu-7, Pegu-10, Pegu-11, Pegu-12.

The NLD also won: Magwe-1. Magwe-2, Magwe-3, Magwe-4, Magwe-5, Mon-1, Mon-2, Mon-5, Mon-6, Rangoon-1, Rangoon-2, Rangoon-3, Rangoon-4, Rangoon-7, Rangoon-8, Irrawaddy-8, Irrawaddy-9.

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