Heavy rain displaces thousands across eastern Burma

Monsoon rains continue to fall throughout Burma’s eastern borderlands. Across the country, 25,000 people have been evacuated to makeshift camps this week.

Nearly 3,000 thousand residents in Mon state’s Bilin have been forced to relocate to relief camps since the town was inundated with heavy rain on Monday.

Thousand of acres of farmland surrounding nearby villages remained submerged, as residents passed the time in relief centers.

Myo Zaw, a tuk tuk driver in Bilin, said the highway to Rangoon was closed as the waters levels surged earlier in the week. Authorities said the highway to Rangoon had been reopened as water levels slowly began to recede.

Heavy rain has also caused extensive damage in neighbouring Karen state, where 7,000 thousand residents were moved to higher ground and schools and hospitals were forced to close.

The severe flooding has brought the large-scale trade that originates at Thai border crossings to a standstill. Relief efforts on both sides of the border have commenced in order to clear away the debris brought on by the flooding, but authorities said water levels remained high in outlying areas.

Large parts of Burma are inundated each year during the monsoon period, which ends in October.


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