Latest regional parliamentary results

Latest regional parliamentary results

At just after 6pm local time, the Union Election Commission released the sixteenth round of election results.

The NLD won a total of 15 regional parliamentary seats, with the USDP taking 8, SNLD winning 12, Pa-O National Organisation and Ta’ang (Palaung) National Party both taking 6, the Arakan National Party won 3 seats, the Wa Unity Party, Lahu National Development Party, the Mon National Party and an independent candidate all taking 1 seat each.

Results as follows:

Mon State: Mon National Party, 1; NLD, 1.

Arakan State: Arakan National Party, 3; Independent candidate, 1.

Rangoon Division: NLD, 6.

Irrawaddy Division: NLD, 2.

Shan State: USDP, 8; Pa-O National Organisation, 6; NLD, 6; SNLD, 12. Ta’ang (Palaung) National Party, 6; Wa Unity Party, 1; Lahu National Development Party, 1.

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