Lawyers protest privatisation of historic courthouse

Lawyers protest privatisation of historic courthouse

Dozens of lawyers protested this morning in front of a courthouse in downtown Rangoon against a government plan to privatise a historic court house.

About 300 lawyers began marching down Maha Bandoola Garden Street this morning to rally near Rangoon Division’s Court, said Ko Ni, a member of the Lawyers’ Network.

Renowned lawyer Aung Thein read a statement by the Lawyers’ Network ‘s contesting the plan to hand over historic buildings to private companies.

Than Tin, 91, said he was disappointed with the government for planning to privatise colonial-era buildings and said that authorities should try approaching UNESCO for assistance if they are unable to cover renovation expenses.

Another trial lawyer, Maung Maung Soe, spoke at the rally and called for the government to reconsider implementing a controversial plan that would increase the price of court stamps, which are necessary to file lawsuits.

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