Govt vehicle hits landmine, one dies

A man has died and three others are injured after a vehicle owned by Burma’s industrial ministry hit a landmine in northern Shan state.

Hospital reports say the men were not government officials, but had been sent to repair electrical pylons in Namhkan township.

“We received three people – one had broken bones, another one had a six-inch nail in one of his wrist bones while a smaller wrist bone was broken, and had a piece of shrapnel in the back of his knee,” said a doctor at Namkhan hospital.

“The other one took broken glass from the vehicle’s windshields – we have removed those from his wrist but there’s one still in his thigh.”

DVB has learnt the man who died was of Chinese origin, but it is unclear whether he was a Chinese national.

In December last year, a Burmese soldier was killed and five others injured when their vehicle hit a mine in the same area of Namkhan township.

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