Kachin state fire spreads to China

Feb 24, 2009 (DVB) , The bushfire that started in northern Kachin state last week has spread into China's Yunnan province, covering more than 200 hectares, according to Chinese media.

A Kachin local on the Burma-China border told DVB that, by Sunday, the fire had spread from its epicenter in the valley between the Kanpaiktee and Panwa mountains , an area heavily covered in pine trees – to China's Tengchong district.

"The fire is now getting stronger then when it started after it was fuelled by the pine trees," said the local.

He added that the Chinese government were using around 2,500 fire-fighters, the police and the forestry commission to tackle the fire.

"We heard rumours on the Chinese authorities planning to increase their manpower up to 4500 personals," he said.

"There are some difficulties fighting the fire on the Burmese side as it is going on in a ceasefire group controlled area."

Reporting by Ahunt Phone Myat

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