Monks vow to continue junta boycott

Nov 19, 2007 (DVB), The All-Burmese Monks' Alliance released a statement yesterday saying they would continue to boycott the military regime and urging the public to join them in protesting against the junta.

The statement was released yesterday to mark the second month since the monks' boycott of the government began, in which they have refused to accept alms from government officials and supporters.

They condemned the violent treatment of monks by the regime, and vowed to continue to march against the government, and called on students and civilians in the country to join them.

The group also welcomed the formation of the International Burmese Monks Organisation, a new group set up in the US on 28 October by monks from all around the world.

The statement said the alliance would cooperate with the new international group to fight for their nation and their religion.

They also welcomed the statement from detained democracy icon Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, which was read by United Nations special envoy Ibrahim Gambari on 8 November.

Reporting by DVB

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