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The Effects of Landmines in Chinland, Shan State EAOs sign agreements with regime


The Effect of Landmines in Chinland

DVB Peace Documentary 2022 Finalist “The Effect of Landmines in Chinland” tells the story of landmine victims and survivors in the armed conflict that has evolved in Chin State since the 2021 military coup. The devastating impact of landmines will continue to affect future generations. Over 100 people have already been killed or injured. Watch the film and learn more on DVB TV.

Three armed groups in Shan sign agreements with regime

The junta announced that it signed agreements with the representatives from three Ethnic Armed Organizations (EAOs) – the United Wa State Army (UWSP/SA), the National Democratic Alliance Army (NDAA) and the Shan State Progress Party (SSPP/SAA) – after three days of “peace talks.” The meetings were reportedly held in Naypyidaw from Jan. 6 to 7. The junta did not share the contents of the agreements, but stated that it was “building a federal and democratic union” and “amending the 2008 constitution.” The junta held similar discussions with five EAOs from the Peace Process Steering Team (PPST), a group backed by signatories of the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA), from Dec. 27 to 29. The junta claimed it reached agreements with the five EAOs on four points including “holding multi-party democratic elections” and “amending the 2008 constitution.”  

At least 185 Rohingya land in Indonesia

A boat carrying 185 Rohingya landed in Aceh Province, Indonesia on Jan. 8. Over half of the Rohingya were women and children, a source told Reuters. Aceh has seen the arrival of hundreds of Rohingya in the past several months. 2022 saw a mass exodus of Rohingya fleeing conditions in Burma as well as refugee camps in Bangladesh by boat. The Burma Army launched a military campaign against the Rohingya in northern Rakhine in 2017 that has been described by many in the international community as genocidal. Rohingya refugees that fled to Bangladesh have their movement restricted and violence is rife in the refugee camps. 

News by Region

AYEYARWADDY—Three locals have been arrested in relation to protests that took place inside Pathein Prison on Jan. 6, according to police sources. One was killed and about 63 other prisoners were injured as a result of a crackdown by prison authorities. Four of the injured are in critical condition. The protest was reportedly in response to prison officials constructing gallows to use to execute a striking teacher on death row. “Two men in a car parked in front of the prison were arrested. The next day the wife of the imprisoned Ko Win Tun was arrested. Ko Mae Gyi’s wife escaped,” a source told DVB. The two men were arrested on accusations of leaking footage of the incident to the media. The wife of Ko Win Tun was arrested at her home on Jan. 7 for allegedly providing mobile phones to political prisoners.

CHIN—The Chinland Defense Forces Hakha stated on Jan. 9 that it will not allow the junta to hold elections in Hakha Township. The group said the elections are just “an attempt of the power-mad Min Aung Hlaing and his terrorist military council to become a legitimate government.” In addition, the group also warned that those who participate in elections, including candidates and voters, would be considered “enemies of the public” and it vowed to “take action” against them. 

MANDALAY—An explosion at a bar in Mandalay destroyed a car on Jan. 8,  according to local sources. “The sound was quite loud. I don’t know if anyone was hurt,” a resident told DVB. A local media outlet in Mandalay reported that the attack was conducted by a local resistance group as a warning to the public to not visit the bar.

MON—A high level police official in Ye Township was killed and a civilian was injured in Lamaing town on Jan. 9. Ye Guerrilla Force (YGF) claimed responsibility for the attack and apologized for shooting a civilian. “I am really very sorry that the woman was hit by a bullet that pierced the officer’s head. I will take responsibility and solve all of the necessary issues,” the YGF stated.

SHAN—A 66-year-old man was killed by the Burma Army’s shelling of Moebye town on Jan. 8, according to a local resistance group. The victim is said to have been killed when an artillery shell landed on his home. 

SAGAING—One was killed and seven were injured by the Burma Army’s shelling of two villages in Tigyaing Township on Jan. 9. One artillery shell landed on a monastery in Thangone village and another hit a school in Kanpauk village. “The heavy weapons [the Burma Army] fired fell on the monastery where locals were seeking refuge. The deceased’s name is U Kyaw Khina and he was over 70-years-old,” a local told DVB.

DVB READS—Yasmin Ullah is the author of “Hafsa and the Magical Ring,” a children’s book and tale about a Rohingya girl and her family forced from her home in Burma, now living in a refugee camp. DVB English On-Demand via YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, or your favorite podcast player app.


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