DPDM Global: Canada's Spring Revolution Supporter

DPDM Global: Canada's Spring Revolution Supporter

Growing up with a father in the Burma Army, Tin Nwel didn’t know anything about politics. He said his family had a “military mindset.” But once he left Burma for Thailand after the 1988 pro-democracy uprising, he started a family and realized that he didn’t want them to live as refugees. They decided to resettle to Canada, where Tin Nwel works hard to support his family, and the Spring Revolution.

Doh Pyay Doh Myay (DPDM) Global is a DVB travel program, exploring diversity worldwide. Every week Burmese diaspora on another continent are given a voice. #တို့ပြည်တို့မြေ #ကနေဒါ

Roadshow #Canada #OverseasBurmese #DVBTV DVB TV – 08.01.2023

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